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Pan American Power provides customers with either Power Telematics or OmniMetrix systems  to monitor their generators. Service Managers view all customer incident reports daily and proactively contact clients to advise of possible issues. Since most standby generators are powered by reciprocating engines, malfunctions are often assumed to be catastrophic mechanical failures.


The basic term “diagnostics” implies that some malfunction has occurred. From the machine owner's view, a failure is anything that prevents the genset from carrying the site load when the utility power is lost.

It is very important to monitor your generator. The vast majority of failures result from lack of attention to consumables: fuel, starting battery, oil, and coolant for example.

It is important to note that all of these failure sources can be monitored, and proper attention to these conditions can dramatically reduce the probability of failure.

Through OmniView, all OmniMetrix monitors have the ability to monitor the key items that lead to generator system “Fail-to-Start” events, including:

  • Interactive 24/7 Access

  • Instant Alarm Notification via Email or SMS Text

  • Detailed Alarm / Fault Display & History

  • Informative Standard and Custom Reports

  • Trouble Tickets (Alarm Escalation System)

  • Ability for Remote Diagnostics (Start & Stop)

  • Secure & Redundant Server with Data Archiving

Genset Failure (noun) Power Out - Fail to Start; an event or condition that prevents a standby generator from producing power when needed.


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